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Reforms in the field of education and precariatization of teachers

Reforms in the field of school education pose new requirements for the teaching profession. Being a teacher in Russia is becoming less and less prestigious. This article discusses the causes of precariatization of teachers. The formation of the precariat in the field of education is associated with the implementation of the ideas of new management in the public sector (NPM). Managerialism in education considers the activities of a teacher as an actor providing educational services, the quality of which can and should be measured using development targets. But if you really know that you want to be a teacher, make your resume with indicating diplomas or look at the edu jobs resume examples - https://edujobssearch.com/resume-examples.

The flip side of the emphasis on the performance indicators of the educational organization is the destruction of social values ​​and institutions, traditionally inherent in educational and upbringing activities. Using empirical data (questionnaire materials, as well as in-depth interviews with teachers in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don), the article considers precariatization factors. Russian teachers are faced with: erosion of guarantees of stable employment; the decline in the prestige of the profession; load growth without an adequate increase in wages; increased bureaucratization and regulation of their professional activities.

The teacher spends more and more time on work far from pedagogical, thereby not developing and even worsening his pedagogical competencies. When choosing a profession, teachers are often guided by intangible motives, so they note the dominant influence of value factors on their motivation. However, in the future, the precariatization processes in the teacher's environment can lead to a decrease in professionalism, the quality of teaching and to further erosion of professional identity. When planning and implementing reforms in the field of school education, it is necessary to take into account the evolutionarily established institutions and social values.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

"unnatural" selection

So, already not uncommon becoming hiring horoscope. One Chinese company announced that it would like to top up your staff people who were born in the year of the Dog. The reason for this unusual requirement was simple: the company needed employees with certain qualities of character. The fact that, according to the Eastern calendar, born in this year are particularly devotion. It is this trait of the staff and the head of the company was necessary.

Many Russian companies have also to take into account "the location of the stars" in hiring. Natalia Statsenko, CEO "Rostovregiongaz" LLC said:

"If a person is honest with himself, he is sure to find in a horoscope rational. Sometimes guided horoscope even when hiring employees. And I look at the worst manifestations of the sign, because the good qualities of a person is required to show, and that's what bad can hide behind him, trying to take into account in advance. "

However, despite the "demand" of the astrological approach to recruiting, not every recruitment agency is considering seriously the proposal, which appears for a candidate in the sign of the zodiac.

However, sometimes the exotic at first glance, the applicant wishes to have a logical explanation. So, Tatiana Holubchenko, the head of group recruitment "UNITY" Personnel Center, believes that it should be considered non-standard requirements of the employer just as his whim. Typically, in each of them there is a grain of truth.

"For example, the company needs a sales representative, necessarily having pets. It would seem, what does this have to work? But everything is explained when you learn the profile of the company: it sells pet food. It is logical to assume that man, he has a cat or a dog, it is better able to work in this direction ", - emphasizes the recruiter.

Unexpected requirements for applicants can be dictated not only the product, but also consumers. For example, today there are a number of companies are trying to attract the employment of persons with different sexual orientation.

"Sexual minorities - it is quite a large percentage of buyers, - says Olga Knysh, personnel director of an IT company Oracle CIS. - Of course, some companies want to look more attractive in the eyes of their customers. The desire to get closer to the target audience can be in the details. Numerous studies confirm that we are more likely to buy from people like us. If the majority of customers cover themselves with tattoos, I am ready to understand the causes of the liberal attitude of the company management to the same action on the part of employees. "

In general, non-standard workers, according to the heads of many companies that can bring great benefit to the company.

"They create a creative atmosphere in which everyone can express their ideas, to offer original solutions, which directly affects the efficiency of the business", - says the personnel manager of the confectionery association "is sweet" Svetlana Menkina.

Specialist Public Relations of the Russian representation Ford Oksana Hartonyuk also believes that non-standard personnel - this is a plus:

"National differences, education and culture features give a distinct advantage in terms of the mutual enrichment of employees and are therefore useful for the company."

At the same time, we should not forget that any company - it is a team that is hard to make out of people who do not have anything in common. Tatiana Holubchenko said:

"In some organizations prefer to choose employees who share common interests and hobbies of the collective. Management believes that the selection of these criteria helps to create an effective team. "

This view supports independent HR-consultant Lyudmila Yarovskaya:

"Often in the course of the interview the head of the applicant asks questions related to his hobbies, tastes, outlook. For some, it may seem incorrect, please tell us about the latest books they have read, the revised movies or love to pets. On the other hand, if the team brings together some general topic related to religion, art or sport, man, far from it, it can be difficult to work there. "
Corporate worship

By and large, a significant portion of non-standard requirements (for hobbies, appearance, and other characteristics of a person) is dictated by what is called today the corporate culture. Love Handanova, head of the Russian company's HR department of JSC "Rudas", he said:

"By corporate culture we include the observance of certain rules and standards that are adopted in the organization, the recognition of its values, style of communication that has emerged. There are cases when at the stage of the selection shows that the candidate does not fit into our priorities. If this is not a rare specialist, we refuse him at once. "

At the same time comply with the system of norms and values ​​of the company is to all the staff, without exception, regardless of the position held. Don Baldwin, Director of Coca-Cola business aviation company in Atlanta, said that for example, when it comes to the employment of the pilot, it is not necessary to win the one with the largest raid.

"For a vacancy need, rather, the right attitude to the company than the corresponding qualification", - says Baldwin.

That Western companies are an indication of how important corporate culture in hiring. The most glaring example - the world-famous Internet giant Google. Its corporate culture is reflected in the famous "10 golden rules". In particular, one of them says that almost all the projects in Google executes the commands, and the best way to "grind" of employees to each other - to place them in the same room. In Google no one sits alone, even when it comes to top-managers.

Another rule is that every Friday all employees discuss the events of the last week and plans for the future in a relaxed atmosphere with food and drinks. This allows management to be aware of what workers think about the company and work in it. These principles are carried by, and in Russia. Director of marketing, "the Google-Russia" Konstantin Kuzmin points out that "the principle of democracy and open communication, adopted within the company, helping to increase efficiency and maintain friendly relations."

At the same time it must be understood that the individual elements of corporate culture can cause a strong desire to resist them by any means of the staff. So, not all managers like to sit in the same room with their subordinates. Yes, and other corporate practices can be to the liking of not much. In the same company Google, there are so-called "pajama day". Just imagine the following scene: you come to work and see all of its employees in their favorite pajamas! By the way, if you're willing to do to come to work in a similar way?

And Tatiana recalls Holubchenko example of large Russian companies, where every day, clearly on the clock, the whole staff sang the anthem of the organization. Tradition, perhaps in itself not bad, but not any professional wants to exercise on a daily basis in a similar vocal skills.

That is why, according to the "UNITY" expert to further the employer and employee are not disappointed in each other, personnel specialists, along with check the professional qualities of great importance is paid to the personal characteristics of candidates.

The emergence of new requirements - an objective trend, due to the development of human resources market. Not difficult to see that in most cases, exotic and rare requests - not a "figment of the imagination" of the employer. They are dictated, as a rule, the specifics of the business and corporate culture. At the same time, the company put forward an unusual requests, should be prepared for the fact that the expert search will take more time and require significant effort from recruiters.

Whether these efforts are justified? - Probably, yes. After all, has long been known: the more precisely defined criteria, the quicker the results. The main thing that the employer knew exactly what he needed was an employee, not called "find, I do not know anyone."

How to survive the probationary period

According to Ukrainian law, the probation period shall not exceed three months. An exception is made only for beginners, aspiring to leadership positions. They are experiencing up to six months.

During this time, be prepared for a variety of inspections. That the company was finally convinced to have found in your face professional that she needed, you have to show all the knowledge, skills and qualities that are said in the summary. Do not be surprised if you will overwork. So the employer determines the maximum novice production.

Testing may complete absence of cases. Sometimes, without putting in front of a brand new no specific objectives, the management expects from his initiative. If not, the question arises - whether the person hired. Therefore, the initiative should be from the first day. Be ready to check the personal qualities. To save the reputation, do not fall for any provocations.

Never hesitate to ask. "Silly question does not happen, - said Natalia Brovchenko, personnel director of a human resources portal - Always better to clarify and make the right than to fix a mistake." But by half of the trial period, try to ask fewer questions, and work more independently.
How to enter, so as not to "come out"

Even very capable and powerful people do not always feel comfortable in a new place. chat - the main principle of adaptation. It is very important how well you come into a team. To better understand the accepted rules of behavior and try to follow them. If the first day you have not yet figured out how to deal with colleagues - please refer to "you" can not go wrong.

A good way to make contact with employees - a joint campaign for lunch. But do not be too frank about yourself or eager to pry information about the other. Avoid categorical statements about other people. Better not give anyone an assessment. Should not complain and pressure of work or a lot of backlog of cases that you have to "dig".

Remember that unconditional indicators that are recognized immediately in the opener and always accepted with respect, - a high performance, true professionalism and good manners.
Tips for beginners

For the first time not in any way do not be late. Come to work for 10-15 minutes before the start. This will allow calmly assess the situation and prepare the workplace.
 Acquainted with all colleagues, select among them one or two people, who can be contacted with questions.
 During the probationary period does not allow itself to be drawn into any group conflicts, and so on that could threaten trouble.
 Do your best to first contact with the management left a positive impression.
First of all follow the orders of your immediate supervisor. All other things are gradually are sorted in order of importance and urgency.
Treat serious to critical remarks in his address. In no case do not take offense, and work on yourself.
 Be careful with its innovative proposals: on the one hand, they are waiting for you, but on the other hand, try to be reasonable and not too radical.

How to behave at corporate events

The main rule is similar to the party - be sure to come. Otherwise, you can simply break away from the company of colleagues and pass a stranger.

If the event is formal, in any case, do not be late. "If all will take place in a more democratic form, it is better to come to 15-30 minutes later", - Natalia advises Birch, HR Director of MTS. So, you do not have to watch as covered tables, and wait until all the others will catch up.

But family members take with them should not be. In each community its own microclimate, and the emergence of outsiders can break it. It should also be remembered that such activities are conducted at the expense of the company, and are designed exclusively for its employees.

Do not abuse the free style of clothing. Corporate events - this is not a contest or a deep neckline intensity cologne. Much better to show your good taste.

8 tips how to tie useful contacts at corporate parties.
rampant passions

Particularly sensitive issue - alcohol. The most important thing is not to overdo it, so that the next day is not ashamed of his behavior. To do this, mix drinks and pre-established limits on their use. Also, do not drink on an empty stomach. Communication during a corporate party - it is something for which it was conceived. But not all issues will be appropriate here.

It is not necessary to remember the old industrial grievances, raise issues of religion, politics and ethnicity. This often leads to disagreements, disputes, and sometimes conflicts. Do not ship surrounding and personal problems, because then you will be sorry about his revelations.

And try to keep in the hands of sexual impulses. In other words, do not bother to all row. From the outside it seems comical to disgust.

"For corporate events there is nothing more important than self-discipline," - says Julia Bentsler, a spokesman for the corporation UBG. Do not forget that the boss is always the boss. Do not try to go during a party with him on "you." The most common mistake - talk about raising wages or career development.
leaving beautiful

In some organizations decided to take away with them after the party sandwiches, fruit, sweet. If this is the norm, feel free to walk as the rest of your colleagues. Otherwise, nothing will help avoid oblique views and the reputation of a greedy man. So do not take the time first to start collecting all that was left on the tables.

If you have a large team, of course, do not say goodbye to anyone, but go in English, too, not worth it. Enough to shake hands with the party leader or organizer, and thank you for successfully arranged a holiday.
One to five

The Germans, with their inherent stiffness apply to the conduct of the corporate center. Therefore, to dismiss employees after such events is simply not for nothing. During the picnic, and other off-duty activities in Germany "pulled away" and even fun, but restrained. There's a big drunk mauvais ton. Therefore, virtually no alcohol at corporate parties. Is that a traditional German beer. And that in proportion: one box for five men.

Why ask questions. To help the sales manager

Have you noticed that a professional manager-prodazhnik more successful in your personal life? Properly wielding techniques hearings and presentations, such a person, and is easy to work to build bridges. He diplomat. Artist. Doctor. Speaker. Strategist. Hundreds of people at this person. Such is an interesting profession.
Why ask questions to his client, and when?

Once you find a potential client and establish contact with him, it's time to figure out why and why he turned it to you. What disturbs him? How you can help solve this problem? When you come to the reception to the doctor - he starts asking you questions. To understand how it can help you. And you are in the exploration phase of the client - the same doctor.

 The more you understand about your customers and their needs and opportunities, so will be able to competently present their offer and meet his needs.


Professional managers have homepage workpiece. Cheat sheet. Five to eight standard questions ... and then home "impromptu" continues situationally. Most importantly - do not ask questions as an investigator in the interrogation, to try to make it clear to your client that this is not idle curiosity, and required both dialogue. Practice in front of a mirror. Check out our cheat sheet colleagues. Together, make a plan for a competent and sustained customer survey. On any sales training you will be offered a choice of several techniques of asking questions and active listening. Any skill is fulfilled in practice.

If you something is unclear - ask questions. Identify needs completely. Competently. It is clear that the client is the client alike. It can and is to run: "You do not question - let you show that you've got there. I do not have much time". It was then, and useful your candor and diplomacy. You just have to convince the client that the answers to some of your questions will be able to make communication much more constructive. This is part of your profession.

One of the great rules - the person who asks the questions controls the conversation and situation. Monitors the progress of the sales stages. When you ask questions, do not assume that you understood correctly. Or that you have understood correctly. Because the best question - clarifying - "What do you mean?". many clarifying questions - "Do I understand you ..." "You mean that ..." "Why?".

For not thinking the client. Do not end for an answer. Ask a question, do not interrupt - he will tell you everything himself.

It is especially important to ask questions when you put the task managers. It was a case in my practice. Boss - a young man. It is impossible to understand: a speech impediment, stuttering and sprinkling saliva. He turned to me for advice.

The first meeting lasted three hours. It is difficult to understand what he really wants. It offered him an internal audit of the company as a whole. It was necessary to understand the fall in sales. I start to talk to his subordinates, and it turns out that they just do not understand it. Tasks performed as speculation themselves, which, of course, does not coincide with the point of view of the head. Afraid to ask again, as he starts to get nervous and insult.

I he outlined his own vision of the situation, it is recommended to delegate some of its powers in terms of setting and monitoring tasks his first deputy. And to undergo treatment and training in rhetoric. Lengthy process. But as a result of the firm diversified in the new field of his first deputy became actively involved in the sales process. Market share increased markedly.

To learn to ask questions, learn to listen to their answers. Worthless this skill, if there is no feedback. The customer is always talk about their problems and concerns. Listen and analyzes how you can help him in this. To begin this exercise do - listen carefully to their colleagues or home on any issue. And then repeat them what you understand. Feel the difference.

Thus, you will protect yourself simply and competently perform its task. In addition, the client will be very pleased to realize that it was heard. Ask questions! Do not be afraid to pass Howcast. It's much better than fall as a result of incorrectly accepted order in an awkward position. Successful sales you!

As two and two

For the uninitiated, a primary school teacher profession may seem as simple and uncomplicated as the multiplication table. In fact, it really so difficult to teach young children basic math and writing as well, even if the writing on the free theme "How I Spent My Summer"? "To this end, a special education and do not need, especially higher!" - many will think and make mistakes .... After all, first graders mentor should know, no less than any teacher of subject. And, most likely, much more ...
pedagogical poem

Do you ever wonder what a tremendous burden of responsibility lies with the primary school teachers. Unlike his colleagues, high school students reading chemistry or history, elementary school teacher must not only provide new knowledge, but also to educate: to develop abilities and high moral qualities of students.

"A good teacher leads the lesson, as if all my life know what read just last night," - says the school of wisdom. This joke has some truth, because each business day the teacher is obliged to thoroughly prepare: view lot of books, metodichek and magazines, pick bright examples from life and literature, to find a suitable table and illustration ... But how to properly think through the course of employment, find an individual approach to the slowness and Kolya, and savvy Katyusha, what teaching methods to use - this is not comprehend in a single evening. There can not do without the fundamental knowledge, and not just teaching.

Where to teach? The profession of teacher of junior classes today only give higher specialized schools: teacher training schools, colleges, institutes and universities.

Simplified diagram of "nurturing", allowed a fairly effectively cope with the shortage of human resources in the post-war years (when the country desperately short of qualified personnel, and teaching was enough to end people's teacher training) was a forced measure. Many understood that deal with the education of the younger generation can only be enlisted thorough preparation. Thus, the classic of the national teachers Vasily Sukhomlinsky as director Pavlyshskoy rural school, forced all teachers, under threat of dismissal, to get higher education. Such a constructive approach has not lost its relevance even today.

Where to do? State of professions states for primary school teacher is required associate's degree. It is no wonder that training in this area until recently was considered the prerogative of the educational institutions I-II levels of accreditation (teacher training colleges and colleges). However, specialized departments are increasingly open and in universities. Bachelor degree in "initial training" can now be obtained from the National Pedagogical University named after Mikhail Dragomanov and Kyiv City Pedagogical University named after Boris Grinchenko. By the way, the decision of the Municipality, since 2008 in the last three entered the Kiev Pedagogical College: city; Ushinsky name; and the Main Department of Education and Science of Kyiv City State Administration.

Test ... Unfortunately, the teacher profession is breaking all records for unpopularity. According to the latest sociological research, it ranks third in the ranking of the least prestigious occupations (due to the low salaries in the public sector and the difficult working conditions). But although the main streams of young people flock to the legal and financial faculty, admissions pedagogical universities are in no hurry to lower the bar admission requirements, especially in the state order. Applicants are tested on knowledge of the Ukrainian language and literature as well as history or mathematics.

What to choose? primary school teacher called to be a jack of all trades: the teacher and educator, and artist and musician. In its direct responsibilities - conducting not only reading and math lessons, but lessons of singing, labor training, physical training ... However, some disciplines (foreign language, fine arts or computer science) sometimes commit narrow specialists. But make sure those who not only know their subject, but also know how to teach him to primary school-age children. Each entrant pedagogical high school may choose one of the specializations:

 initial training and practical psychology;
 initial training and foreign language;
 primary education and the fine arts;
 initial training and computer science;
 initial training and sports and organizational activity.

Differentiation allows young professionals to work not only classroom teachers but also the subject teachers in elementary school classrooms or psychological specialists.
professional growth

You want to expand the scope of employment? Walk to the magistracy, of course, taking care of pre-bachelor's degree. The title of Master of pedagogy gives the right to hold office:

 an elementary school teacher;
 teacher pedagogy in higher education;
 practical psychologist or subject teacher (foreign language, computer science, fine arts).


The curricula of the initial training faculties - up to fifty items. Future Makarenko and Sukhomlinsky study psychology and pedagogy, language and literature, history, law, political science and economics, physics and mathematics, chemistry and anatomy, music, painting, and even ... the choreography.

Experts believe, in so saturated is not listed a single extra discipline. The teacher should be fully developed personality - only then he can become a good example for students.
Language and Literature

Competent speech - the card of any specialist, especially the teacher. Who else but the junior school teacher is required to teach children how to properly formulate and express their thoughts (build grammar: phrases, sentences, texts), use bright artistic momentum? Not to mention the most challenging task that falls to mentor kids - learning to read and write. Before working with the first-graders, students gain comprehensive knowledge of the mother tongue: orthoepy, phonetics, lexicology, grammar. As part of the high school program in literature are considered not only the works of Russian and foreign classics, but also the children's fairy tales, poems, novels ... Otherwise, the teacher can bring the children to the educational meaning of the story when he read it in the first class ?!

"Nothing is so firmly remember the students as the mistakes of their teachers", - agree that the classic right. Especially if we are talking about arithmetic. Wrong answers can seriously impair the authority of the teacher. But the junior classes the program - not only the multiplication table and the simplest tasks on the subject Bull's-flowered. Necessarily considered and equations and inequalities, and some formula. This simple material students must deeply comprehend and analyzed, actually go again. Special attention is paid methods of studying mathematical operations and concepts using visual aids: truism that 2 + 2 = 4 not have to explain to the kids on the fingers, and using bright pictures and informative games.

Every teacher should take into account the psychological characteristics of the child's age, the nuances of his temperament and behavior, specificity of attention, memory, thinking ... Forget the teacher that small children can not take dry uninteresting text, monotone voice - and the effectiveness of the training is in doubt! Future teachers shtudiruet general and developmental psychology, learning to form relationships in the children's collective, positive atmosphere in the classroom. But focuses on the study of the principles and methods of activation of thought processes younger students, the development of attentiveness, memory, communication skills, observation - all that helps them to learn from "excellent".

One of the basic core subjects, not having mastered that you can not properly conduct a lesson, and it is simple to become a teacher. What are the principles, methods, forms of training and education can use the teacher? How effective are these or other methods of updating the knowledge and skills of students? What didactic, educational and developmental objectives for different types of activities (lectures, excursions, control and laboratory work)? Answers to these and many other important issues only gives pedagogy. Interestingly, in the framework of discipline required to study the works of well-known foreign and domestic geniuses of educational thought: Jan Amos Comenius, Constantine Ushinskogo Michael Dragomanov, Anton Makarenko, Basil Sukhomlinsky ... It is because of the recognized classics, students will learn how you can achieve heights in the profession.
Music and choreography

If you still do not know how to dance and play musical instruments, in pedagogical high school quickly to correct this omission, because many primary school teachers have to carry out their own rhythm and singing lessons at school. Received for the student desk of knowledge - much deeper than the study of the seven notes and basic ballet "pa". Future music teachers are forced to not only learn the basics of playing the piano and the accordion (even if you had not taken the tools in the hands), but also come up with their own little music and dance songs!

Being a true teacher is not possible, even after reading the most intelligent books and perfectly mastered the technique of studying of a noun. To directly join the galaxy of professionals will need (except for genuine love for children) something more - to be able to apply this knowledge in practice. We note at once: not an easy task, so solve it in stages. First, students hone their skills in the walls of the audience, holding fragments of reading or mathematics lessons to classmates. Over time, high school teachers lead them "in the light" - on demonstration lessons the best school teachers, who really have something to learn. And only then freshly experts can try their hand at business, and conducts classes for children (drawing, singing, physical education - is no exception!). Only then given permission to pre-diploma practice - and it is a few weeks of continuous teaching work! Young teachers completely replace class teachers: lessons and conduct parent conferences, assign grades for academic performance and behavior filled diaries and great magazines ...

Ask whether the right after the successful completion of such an important test students call teachers? Far from it. But they are given the opportunity to see if they are properly chosen profession: Whether their souls kids open. And it is no less important than the accumulation of years of diligent study and pedagogical knowledge and skills. After all, as he claimed Sukhomlinsky to become a true teacher and educator, "you need to give your heart to the children."